Visual Branding and How it Can Help Grow Your Business

Your direct sales business (or any business for that matter) depends on you getting your name out there and actually making a name for yourself. If you’re not quite sure how visual branding factors into that, or what you should be looking for when it comes to the idea of the visual branding in the first place, this should be your first stop to help you get going!

Using visual branding to grow your biz

What actually is visual branding?

Visual branding is any and all kinds of branding that focuses on visuals. Simple enough, right? It’s the color scheme you use, the overall design of your website page, the font that you’ve chosen for your welcome package, etc. All of those visual details are going to have an impact on potential customers long before your other kinds of marketing and identity features will factor in.

You want to be memorable, creative, inspiring, and modern. This is where services like Canva can help. Focusing on synchronization between brand colors and messaging, will help to keep everything looking professional and intentional -- which does a lot for your professional reputation.

Creating an effective visual brand

There are quite a few ways that you can really help solidify your visual brand and make sure that it’s giving off the vibe that you’re going for. Remember that the goal of the