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Getting Started in Direct Sales

When you want to make some cash, many people instinctively hop on the "pyramid scheme" train and then never get off. But don't let that negative stigmata of the "pyramid scheme" get you down. If you look at ANY company, there are less people at the top and they make the most money. So, if you want to enjoy sales but without frustration and extra overhead of a brick and mortar business, direct sales is a great win-win! Here are some great tips to help you get started on the right foot!

Pick a product you love and believe in it

Maybe you've heard this one before, but it’s important enough to start off our list. If you don’t love and believe in the product that you are looking to sell, it’s not going to sell! You have to energize those around you to see and understand how it’s amazing... and real.... and worth their effort and money, after all. Don’t pick an expensive product to simply earn money.. you have to believe in it and love it. Your potential customers will see right through that, anyway.

Be ready for the start-up costs

The great thing about direct sales is the start up costs are usually minimal but there are going to be at least a few start-up costs to think about. This includes the products and inventory costs, and any kind of sales kit you want to invest in. Then there’s the business expenses like website, social media, business cards, branding, etc. Be ready for those, but don’t overspend, either!

Get a feel for the financials for ROI

You don’t want to be on the wrong end of your return on investment (ROI), so run the financials before you get too far into your business. Make sure to factor in expenses such as shipping, sales tax, processing fees like Paypal, etc!

Get a feel for the business

Direct sales businesses are fun, to be sure, but you have to also get a feel for what it’s like to work in your specific MLM. Understand what your role is going to be, what you’re outsourcing or hopefully will eventually outsource, and what you’re comfortable doing and not doing! By all means, get connected as they usually offer tons of training on the products and motivational courses. However, if you need some sales training, check this out.

Keep in touch with your sales leads

Any time you have a new contact for a potential sale, you’ll want to keep in touch with them! It doesn’t need to be overly sales-y, but just keep in touch and remind them that you’re still there if they want to come back. You’d be surprised how many people don’t do that, and it could potentially lose them the sale!

Keep in mind that often times it takes a few touches to convert a lead.. and remember, it's not about pushing a sale but building the relationship and the sales will come.

Give away a freebie

Customers love freebies. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny little bottle of hand cream or even an exclusive list of coupons or some written content. Whatever it is, customers love the freebies as much as what they bought from you, so consider that seriously! If it doesn't work for your direct sales business, think outside of the box, and maybe create a digital download or offer that will give them 10 tips to use your product best or why it may be beneficial. The point, show how your product answers a pain or problem they have.

Rely on social media for branding

Stay the course

Remember that you’re doing this for yourself. You are branding yourself, selling your products by yourself, and getting people to trust you and come to you. It’s going to be a learning curve and there will be setbacks no matter how carefully you plan or how hard you work. You have to make sure that you always keep it focused on the customer and their needs and that will help bring customers to you. They buy and trust people, after all, not brands!

MLM and direct sales businesses help give you a fun and productive way to earn some money - whether it is a side hustle or your full time gig. These tips are going to help you get started! Let me help you, contact me and book an appt so we can discuss any questions you may have.



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