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Direct Sales Best Practices

If you’re trying to make a sale when you are working in the business of direct sales, you might feel a little lost. If so, here’s a secret: you’re not alone! Not only can a direct sales business have a bit of a learning curve if you aren't used to it, but it also means that you have to go about making sales a little differently. Want some tips? Here are the best ones!

Be authentic every time

Obviously, you always want to make a sale. That’s why you are in business. But in working with your customer, always be authentic. One of the biggest mistakes that direct sales professionals make is to be too pushy on the sale. We know, you get so excited about your business and the product that everyone must love it too. However, it can end up scaring them off and can even leave them with a bad taste in their mouth!

Basically, always have the best interests of the customer at heart. If it means you don’t make a sale right now, it isn’t a deal breaker! After all, if you are an understanding and compassionate person and maybe you’re not what they need at this present moment. Thought, they’ll come to you first when they do find themselves in need!

Being authentic typically has some amount of risk to it, but it’ll always work in your favor when it comes to pleasing the customer. Plus, they'll appreciate your honesty and authenticity.

Figure out the pain points and potential problems of your ideal customer and work to fix them with your business. Knowing that will set you off on the right foot, always! This will help you keep things smooth and comfortable for the customer.

Personalize outreach and communications

From thank you notes to newsletters that are scheduled, always personalize everything at least with a first name. It’s going to really help them see that you did intend to communicate with them, specifically. It’s going to grab their attention much better than “Dear Valued Customer”.

Let your customers get a sneak peek of a deal

It could be something as simple as free shipping, or perhaps it’s something more like a BOGO event. Give customers a heads-up, and it’ll earn you excitement, buzz, and hopefully a few sales as a direct result!

Be polite when speaking about the competition

This is a big one!! Never, ever, speak ill of the competition, even if the customer brings them up that way. Speaking poorly of them speaks more to your character than theirs, so always be polite and professional no matter what. Sure, you can note how your product and company are better or how it could solve their problem better or even the differences, but saying a competitor (person or business) again, never good!

Embrace the free samples game

Similar to the heads-up emails, offer a free sample of something whenever possible. There’s nothing smart shoppers love more than a free sample, after all! Don’t over-sell the product itself, either. Just offer it as a true free sample! It’ll stick in their mind and they’ll be much more likely to come back (even if it’s just for another free sample).

Work smarter, not harder! It seems like a lot, really, but remember that you can be an introvert and still make great sales. It’s all about focusing on community, customer loyalty, and being a person behind a product. This is what makes sales at the end of the day.



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