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A rack of camis on hangers


I broke up with my bra for good in 2016 and never looked back. Now I help women of all shapes (size 2-30) and all sizes (size 32A-50PP) experience the freedom of wires without sacrficing lift and support. Take my cami challenge and you will see what I mean.

korean skincare collection

After a terrible skin reaction, I was on the hunt. A hunt for clean, natural, collagen-rich skin care to heal and repair my skin. Well, I found that and so much more. Try this #1 Korean beauty line and watch your skin transform before your eyes.


Collagen loss is real for all of us over the age of 30. Once I discovered a pure form of liquid collagen that absorbs 90% into your body (unlike the powders that only absorb 33%) I experienced joint relief, skin brightening and the strongest nails of my life. Try this for 90 days and see if you don't agree.


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