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"We are closing". Those were the words I heard as a leader in my direct sales company that took the wind out my sails and my stomach hurt. I did not see it coming. I didn't know where I would go after that, but I knew one thing for SURE! I would NOT rely on a corporate brand again.


Having your own personal brand that is in alignment with your core values, speaks to your ideal audience and is easily recognized gives you an edge in network marketing. Your personal brand will never change if your company changes. Your brand organically attracts your audience, fills your in box with authentic leads and grows your business in a way that feels true to who you are. 

What would it be like to stand out in the sea of sameness:


Spend less time on the phone. Attract your dream team members and grow your business with so many authentic and qualified leads that convert that quickly climb to your company’s highest pay rank?


Leading large teams, selling $5,000+ consistently and earning over a dozen incentive trips since 2012 matched with my branding strategy and graphic design experience since 1993 gives me a unique perspective on developing, designing and coaching women in their own network marketing business with a brand that is in complete alignment with their values. 


Women who work with me will have a complete roadmap on how to use your personal branding tools; who their ideal audience is; how to align their brand with their mission to reach their goals and increase their income.

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