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HSHQ working on phone

Have you just started your direct sales business and feeling frustrated with what to do and how? Have you been in your MLM business and are losing your momentum or still struggling with running your business in person or virtually?


Can you resonate with any of these: 

  • Fighting/keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms.

  • Pinning your hostess down to a time and date to be LIVE.

  • Paying monthly fees for third party party schedulers.

  • Capturing and keeping the guests' attention in a group.

  • Spending time and money inventing in new direct sales gimmicks and giveaways to get guests to the group and promote engagement.

  • Feeling negativity around your business venture by your friends, followers or yourself?  This can cause many to want to get off of social media and quit your business all together.


We have created an amazing, innovative and first-of-its-kind tool to empower and equip you to run your direct sales business online without extra fees, websites or unique domain name purchases.

This On Demand Trunk Show tool allows a refreshing new method of online shows to offer your hostesses. They can watch your personalized video presentative on their own time; click a button to connect with you and order all in one FREE website link designed just for your business.


We get it, having online/virtual direct sales parties can be intimidating but this on-demand program can help you put your business in demand. It provides you the step-by-step path to help hold your guests' attention and get more hosts knocking down your door.  We can help anyone in ANY direct selling business. 

Check out the below direct sales training offerings to help you get back on the saddle.  We have made it super easy for you - try our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Done for You training. If you need some more in-depth direct sales strategy/ mentoring or a visual branding audit, I can help there there.

Get more information and register today!

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