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Boom Your Social Media with Content Pillars

Having the right social media content is crucial for your business’ success. But, the honest reality is that it can take quite a lot of effort to do right. When you’re looking for some support, one of the crucial things to focus on is the use of content pillars and their potential role in your business.

What are content pillars?

Think of content pillars as part of an organizational technique. These pillars are going to be your folders. Each folder has a specific focus, and you’ll create social media posts that will fit within that folder’s content. From there, you’ll be able to post them at the right time, with the proper variety in your posts, and know that each one is going to hit right on the mark.

How do content pillars work?

Content pillars work by identifying the main areas you want to focus on. They’re broad (and intentionally so) but also give you plenty of room within each to help flesh out all sorts of great content from one pillar to another.

They are intended to be cohesive (hence, pillars of your business “structure”) so that they all help create a clear understanding of your brand, business, and services.

What are the types of content pillars for your business?

The actual pillars themselves will vary a bit depending on what you most want to focus on when it comes to your specific focus. Some direct sales business professionals may have 3 pillars, and others may have 5. Some have more or less than that, too. Common examples of content pillars you may use include:


These posts are intended to be funny, engaging, and focused entirely on showing that you are lighthearted and like to have fun.


These posts will focus on your presence within your community (such as with charities and sponsorships that you focus on) to show your relevance to those who are interested in it.


This could be education on your products, or services, or education on you. Whatever you decide to use this for, the intent is to educate you on why you’re there and doing what you do.


These are the classic social media posts to help you promote your sales, products, business, etc. These are great during certain times of years for new product lines or deals, etc.

Why are content pillars valuable?

Essentially, they help organize everything on your social media feeds. When you have your social media content all organized into preplanned niches with on-topic posts and engagement objects, they’ll hit your audience much better.

Content pillars will help make sure that your content goes over well and that it helps your viewers get a sense of who you are and what you have to offer. When it comes to having social media profile and presence, this is the entire point.

While you can certainly go about booming your social media profile without pillars, it’s going to make it a whole lot harder to do so. May as well use the tools and techniques already in place for just this reason!

Need help with these? Don't worry, I can help. Plus, I have more direct sales tips you can check out or just contact me to see how I can help you with the growth of your business, get started in your new network marketing venture or just help bump you to the next level.



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