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Importance of Branding Your Business with the Right Colors

Your business has a lot to show for itself -- literally -- when you are looking at bringing in new customers or growing your team. If you are trying to figure out just how to make sure that you are showing its best side, one of the key concepts to focus on is the colors that you use for branding your business.

Brand your network marketing business with color

The role & psychology of color

The colors that you choose are going to mean more than you think. As in, they have a psychological designation, though it’s not one that many people necessarily know about. Curious? Here’s a bit about the psychology of color:

Red: This one can hold quite a few different sentiments, though it mostly depends on how you want to use it. It is attention-getting, which is great. It can be exciting or anger-inducing, or even passionate and romantic. This has many interpretations!

Green: Many people associate this with money. It comes close, as it is connected with success and stability, and growth. Many interpret this as being eco-conscious as well, though this is often in combination with brown or white.

Orange: This fun shade is all about energy. It helps show liveliness, friendliness, and excitement. This shade is popular with those oriented towards kids and youth for that reason.

Blue: The shade of blue changes its meaning. However, as a whole, it shows trust, innocence, professionalism, maturity, creativity, and even luxury. This is all about the steadfast sentiments and overall trust.

Brown: This one is all about getting back to one’s roots. It shows stability in being old-fashioned and rugged. It’s great for use with things that are all about tradition.

White: This is simplicity, health, cleanliness, modernity, and more. This is why many people associate it with dentists or doctors, after all.

Black: This rich hue is all about the idea of being luxurious and modern and even powerful. This color is best used when looking to show off upgraded content.

Where will the color be used?

Even choosing your color is going to take some time. The thing is, the color that you end up with is going to define you because it’s used everywhere. Businesses will put it on display on all sorts of things, including:

● Logos

● Website banners

● Brochures

● Letterheads

● Business cards

● Uniforms

● Ads and commercials

● Storefronts

● Bags or promo giveaways

Making sure that you are including and excluding the right emotional connection is going to be important, and it also is going to be much more connected to color than most people are aware of. So take the extra time for you to think carefully about what color you use so that you are putting the psychology of colors to good use!

Color says a lot about a person, to be sure. But as this list and explanation prove, it’s going to say even more about your business. Is your color choice saying all of the things that you want it to? Or do you need to grab a paint swatch and start designing a makeover?

Not to mention you may, or may not want to consider the company you are representing in network marketing. However, should this change for you in the future, will it still resonate with another company, or will you change it all together?

See where I can help!

I have a Visual Branding Bootcamp that is create for direct sales, network marketing and mlm businesses just for this purpose. I will make your mark stand out in the sea of sameness in your current or future network marketing business you are running.

I run my own network marketing business and KNOW what it takes, as I help my team and then have created material to help other network marketing professionals, regardless of the company you choose to work with.

So, contact me, check out my bootcamp, my other blogs or just reach out and let me know how I can help you and your business.



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