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FB Algorithms 101 & What You Need to Know

You’ve heard about it but do you know what the Facebook algorithm actually is? Especially when it comes to business? To make matters worse, they don’t really want you to know that. Plus they constantly change so they don't mean the same thing this year as they did in previous years!

Facebook Algorithms 101

Here’s what you are going to want and need to know, just to get started:

The basics of the FB algorithm

As you most likely know, this is an AI-controlled process that determines what you see and don’t see when it comes to the Facebook posts on your news feed - for personal profiles and business pages. Most people find things when other people post, or rather your friends post, seems simple, right?

In reality, it’s actually been around for many years. It was just so subtle that most people didn’t notice it until around 2019 or 2020. The most current 2021 model is a little different, still, and it’s important to understand, for the sake of your business.

The 2021 FB algorithm

Let’s pretend you’re a standard Facebook user. FB uses its advanced AI to run through every FB post you’ve ever interacted with, and it uses that to get a pretty good analysis of what you like and dislike. Using that, it will curate a new feed based on what you like so that you only see content that you will enjoy -- in theory. (In their opinion)

This is done by measuring your relationship with your friends, what kind of content that they (and you) most often will post, and how popular those posts are. It’s all done to enhance every user’s experience.

What does it mean for businesses though?

Generally, it means that you’re going to have to factor in the algorithm when you are looking at the idea of getting your posts out to people. Instead of assuming that people see it, assume that they aren’t and work hand in hand with their parameters to make sure that you are making your posts as strong as possible.

We’ve heard, socially, of many people being “victimized” by the FB algorithm, and this is also the case with businesses. Long gone are the days of paying for likes and just posting to your clients that like your FB business page. It's now meant to get you to pay for everything. Getting around the algorithm needs to be prioritized so that you can get the views that you deserve, without paying a ton, or at all, for it.

For example, one of the things that a lot of professionals are starting to have to consider is the idea that they’re going to have to look at paid promotions or sponsorships for a short period of time. This creates engagement and gets their attention, which will help you jump over the initial hurdle of the algorithm.

Before, these were seen only as optional (read: extra), but they’re going to actually be a lot more important now if you’re looking at the concept of getting your name out there.

You’ve already got a lot of things working against you when it comes to the competition and the fact that you are often taking a DIY approach to some of the steps to marketing. Don’t make it harder on yourself by fighting the FB algorithm.

Appreciate that it might be a bit more powerful than you think and you'll need to be a little more creative and think outside of the box. Branding your business will be something you will want to be sure you are set up for success plus it helps set you apart from your competitor.

Not only do I offer branding services to help set you apart but I also have created DIY direct sales training and done-for-you training so that your business stands out which gives you a better chance to be seen on social media. When you are seen, and have great content that is branded, you are sending the correct messaging, folks will be more likely to engage with you.... and that holds its weight in gold. So, contact me and let's chat and getting you kicking the FB algorithm right away!



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