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Building a Brand Strategy on a Time Budget

As an entrepreneur it’s hard to deny the value of a well established and powerful brand presence. However, when you’re managing every other aspect of your building your business, building your brand can sometimes shift to the back burner. If you are looking to level up your brand but you’re unsure where to start or if you have the time to invest, then you are in the right place!

As a branding coach to female entrepreneurs, direct sellers and network marketers, I have helped people just like you establish a strong brand identity that helps them stand out in today’s competitive market. Whether you’re just getting started or your current brand needs a refresh, there is power in uncovering your unique brand story and visual identity to capture the essence of your business. Using a strategic branding approach will help you understand your target audience, define your brand personality, and uncover the visual elements that best represent your business.

But…there’s a problem.

The scorching sun is beaming down on a backyard filled with an inflatable pool, water guns, and a symphony of children's laughter. You, the fearless superhero known as Mom, are in the midst of the summer chaos. I see you there, putting on your imaginary cape and gathering your superpowers to dive headfirst into the summer madness. The kids demand your attention, the never-ending pile of work beckons from your laptop and your personal brand waits desperately to be unleashed.

If anyone can handle the madness, it’s you! Some days the scales are tipped and that personal brand finds itself at the bottom of the to-do list. ! It’s easy to think there's just no time to give. But with just 20 minutes a day and a pinch of humor, you can turn this seemingly impossible mission into an epic adventure.

In those rare moments when the kids are happily occupied with their water balloon battles or devouring ice cream cones that threaten to melt faster than you can say "personal brand," you seize the opportunity.

You grab your trusty smartphone, your secret weapon for conquering the virtual world, and embark on your 20-minute brand-building adventure.

Cracking the Time Code: Unlocking Moments to Design Your Brand

Great things can happen in short periods of time, especially when you are intentional with how you use it. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your time to design a brand that works!

Make A Plan: Start by evaluating your current work schedule and identifying potential time slots that can be used for brand strategy development. Look for periods of the day when you are less busy or can delegate certain tasks to create space for focusing on strategic activities. Stick To It: Treat brand strategy development as a priority and block off dedicated time in your calendar. Set specific, recurring time slots each week or month to work exclusively on brand-related activities. When you treat this time as non-negotiable and avoid scheduling other meetings or tasks during these periods, your chance for success increases. Make It Bite Sized: Building a brand strategy can be a complex process. Break it down into smaller, manageable tasks that can be accomplished within shorter time frames. This approach allows you to make progress consistently, even if you only have limited pockets of time available. Maximize Your Time: If your work schedule permits, use your commute or lunch breaks to work on your brand strategy. You can brainstorm ideas, conduct research, or outline key components of your strategy. Maximize these short windows of downtime to make progress. Consider Outsourcing: Identify tasks that can be delegated to others, either within your team or to external resources. By freeing up your time from less critical activities, you can redirect your focus towards developing your brand strategy. Delegate administrative tasks, routine responsibilities, or low-priority projects to capable individuals who can handle them effectively. You may also decide that outsourcing your brand or opting into a Done With You program, is your next step in creating your brand. Optimize Efficiency: Look for ways to streamline your work processes and improve efficiency. Minimize distractions, organize your workspace, and utilize productivity tools or software that can help. When you use these time blocking tips, you will discover that you actually have the time to learn and implement the visual aspect of your personal brand. After all, if you are going to be creative, you need space to get your head in the right place. Now that you’ve identified the WHEN to building your brand, it’s time to dig into the steps you need to take to create a killer personal brand. Take my Branding Style Quiz to see what your brand style is so you can get right to it!



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