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bra vs. cami-better lift

I have been wearing these camis for a couple of months now and I am SOLD!  These are a GAME CHANGER!  They are so comfortable that I have to keep checking to make sure I have something on!  AND with the firm ones I got, I have firm but non constricting (360 degree stretch) support all the way down PAST my hips (great for under skirts for tummy support)! Best of all you are getting bra support AND slimming together for the price of one good bra! 


Bev L. 

bra vs. no bra cami

Ok ladies. I just got home... 11 hours after I left. I normally head straight to my bedroom and RIP off my bra. Not today!!! There was no poking from the wires, there was no digging from the straps, and there was no straps falling off multiple times during the day. I felt comfortable, as if no bra! Yet, I had support , and back smoothness. I am definitely sold. Will be working really hard to get rid of ALL my BRAS!!


Regina O.

backview of bra vs. cami

I have been wearing mine, replaced bras and tank tops, for a month now.  I was very skeptical, because I have always been heavy chested, ranging from 34D to 34 FF during nursing, currently a 34DD/ DDD, depending on the time of month.  

I have had fabulous support. I have NOT been hot. I love the smoothing, especially on the back.  My shoulders are happier, as well as under my girls.

Deanna B.

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