What Your Direct Sales Corp Office Doesn’t Teach You

It’d be nice if your new direct sales business hustle came fully loaded with all of the information that you need to simply start up an "office" and immediately be a success. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tend to happen, and the reason might actually be due to the many details that most direct sales corporate offices don’t tell you! There is so much information out there, from corporate headquarters and then the person who signed you up and their upline - it can get pretty overwhelming. So, here’s a few things you may want to know to slingshot your way to success..... that your direct sales corporate office might not teach you.

Easy automated systems will work wonders

Customers want engaging, rich, visual content that really works hard at pulling them in. However, that all takes time and effort to do, though, and you’ve got lots of things to do, and hey, you are new at this.

That’s where automation is going to really help. From drag-and-drop programs to high-quality images, creating functional and engaging content is all set up for you through services like Canva. I just love Canva and do most of my visual content there, including the image for this blog! Having a means to create easy graphics that help show off your brand is totally winning!

The importance/power of understanding....conversions

Conversion is one of those “techy” terms that are really important to understand if you want to make your business work. A conversion is basically when someone completes a desired goal. A goal could be subscribing to your email list on your website, watching a video you posted on social media, completed a survey, making a purchase or even just contacting you to let you know they are interested. Whatever the goal you create, if they complete that, that would be a conversion.