Heather Schaefer mentors women in business

Heather has been mentoring women in direct sales since 2012. Her unique business approach in direct sales has generated substantial income for herself and for those she has trained. Her background in graphic design and marketing is an added gift she shares in creating their own brand identity in the sea of many representatives in each company to set you apart from the rest based on your purpose.


Our program is designed to help women in direct sales take their business to the next level. We will develop a business strategy that takes you from stock piling inventory to producing profit. We look at your purpose and your "why" for your business-not just the company you represent.


Through masterminds, accountability and regular calls with a mentor, we work to determine your personal values for your business to attract your ideal customer and team members. 

In light of this interesting time, I have just added a FREE deep-dive strategy session and virtual business tips designed specifically for your needs to work from anywhere.

This could be just what you need to set you up for a strong financial future with your side hustle. 


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